Interior Design & Projects

DAD works closely with experienced interior designers to furnish homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. Always from a perspective which characterises Dutch Design, of course: exciting design, original materials and innovative applications. Our projects range from small, such as giving advice on specific lighting in a single room in a restaurant, to complete interventions, such as totally decorating an apartment.

DAD is also happy to mediate between client and designer when it comes to projects and client-specific assignments, so that the best possible solutions can be found. DAD has personal contacts with many Dutch designers, and is well positioned to judge which designer or designers best fit the client’s requirements when it comes to design style, functionality and methods.

Some recent examples:

> Consultation services and mediation between client and designer during a lighting renovation project in a restaurant in Bonn

> Mediation between client and designer Maarten Baas to realise a specific tailor-made application for Clay Furniture for a residence in Potsdam

> Decoration of a loft apartment in Berlin, partly using Dutch Design furniture and accessories

> Realisation the application of custom-designed ‘Light Forests’ by OntwerpDuo for various areas in a new IT office in Potsdam

For more information and a no-obligation description of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.